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Security and Compliance

Ensure global compliance effortlessly with Playroll's comprehensive EOR solution and Platform.

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Security features

Safeguarding Your Business

Compliance Management

  • Playroll assumes the responsibility for compliance with local labour, employment and tax related laws when you hire employees through our platform.
  • We handle in-country payroll taxes, social contributions, and other government fees to ensure full compliance with relevant local laws.
  • Mandatory local benefits, such as health insurance and pensions, are meticulously managed by our team.
  • Streamlined payroll and payslip management allow you to focus on your core business operations.
Country-Specific Compliance
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SOC 2 Compliance

  • Playroll is proud to be SOC 2 compliant, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to enterprise-grade security, privacy, and performance.
  • Our unqualified audit report attests to the robustness of our security measures, protecting sensitive data in line with the highest industry standards.
  • Regular evaluations and improvements are integral to our commitment, ensuring the ongoing security of client and employee data.
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GDPR Compliance

  • Playroll complies fully with GDPR, ensuring encrypted and secure data transmission.
  • Our clients and their employees retain control over personal data, with the ability to modify or delete information upon request, aligning with GDPR standards.
  • Playroll prioritises data transparency, providing clear insights into how personal information is handled.
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2FA & OTP Enabled

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and OTP login provide an additional layer of security during login to our Platform.
  • 2FA requires users to provide a code sent to their mobile device via SMS or an authenticator app, ensuring secure access.
  • OTP is enabled company-wide, allowing our clients and their employees to securely log into the platform using their email credentials.
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Our Product

Platform-Powered Compliance

Embark on a seamless journey through the entire employment lifecycle with Playroll's intelligent and automated platform. Our focus is on streamlining HR tasks, ensuring compliance, and empowering you to nurture your global team without compromising on regulatory standards.

Country-Specific Perks

We guide you in aligning benefits and compensation packages with local requirements, ensuring compliance in 180+ countries.

Precise Payroll

We meticulously manage all aspects of payroll, including tax withholdings, social contributions, and comprehensive reporting.

Clear Legal Insights

Our platform provides contextual legal insights, empowering informed decisions throughout the employment lifecycle.

E2E Compliance Assurance

We ensure adherence to local laws, handling everything from payroll taxes to mandatory benefits. Free up focus for core business operations.

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