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Create more efficient processes for your team and fuel global hiring solutions by integrating your HR systems with Playroll's workforce management software.

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Syncing invoice lists
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Automate Your People Operations, Save Hours of Admin in a Few Clicks

Keep team details, contracts and compliance docs always in sync; eliminate manual data transfers to streamline onboarding.

Sync approved expenses
Sync employee data to your HRIS
Manage time off seamlessly
Update data with webhooks
Record invoices accurately
Automate payroll for your team

EOR Integrations FAQs

Improve productivity with custom workflows and apps. Embed Playroll into your software to open doors to global talent. Access the new world of work with the Playroll API.

What are Playroll integrations and why do they matter?

Integrations connect your tech stack so apps and systems can share information with one another. This streamlines processes and reduces repetitive work. People Ops leaders, like you, already have so much on their plates. Leveraging integrations can free up time, so you can focus on your people.

How do I use Playroll Integrations?

To connect your tech stack to Playroll, first log in to your Playroll account. In the app, navigate to “Integrations” on the left hand side. All available integrations can be found under the “Available Integrations” tab.

How much will it cost me to use a Playroll Integration?

If you have a Playroll account, all integrations are free. Just connect your tools and enjoy!

How do I become an integration partner with Playroll?

We’re always keen to partner with tools, systems, and technologies that can help us make global employment a seamless and positive experience for our customers. Sounds like you? Email our partnership team if you think we'd be a match made in (platform) heaven.

Can’t find the integration you need? Access the Playroll API.

Develop custom workflows to improve your team’s productivity and embed Playroll into your app to open the doors to global talent for your customers—all with the Playroll API. Contact us to get access to our API docs.

Frequently asked questions about tech stack apps API integrations
Frequently Asked Questions

The Playroll API bridges the gap between your favorite tools, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters—building and managing a global team. Connect your workflow to Playroll.

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