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Milford Blake sought a trusted service & compliance partner.

Milford Blake is a specialist boutique Executive Search and Headhunting consultancy which focuses exclusively on the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors.

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Milford Blake is a specialist boutique Executive Search and Headhunting consultancy which focuses exclusively on the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors.


The Challenge

Partnering with the right EOR to achieve their expansion goals. As a leading HR executive search firm, Milford Blake has evaluated and utilized other EORs before Playroll, but did not report a good experience.

“Many of our clients have sought to hire candidates in new markets or in geographies where they may not have operations or licenses in. Before Playroll, this was an impossible task, or at best, an extremely complex, resource-intensive exercise with a lot of risks for all involved - not to mention the service standards often weren’t historically met by third-party providers,” said Shari Moskovitz, Director, Milford Blake.


While Milford Blake was focused on expanding their global footprint of client services, they needed an EOR partner that would:

• Enable scalability aligned to workforce growth needs;

• Provide dedicated support for them, as well as their clients;

• Offer global multi-currency payroll, compliant with local tax and labour laws;

• Make it easy to comprehend the unique employment rules and regulations in other nations;

• Furnish a simple one-stop platform integrated into leading HRIS solutions to ensure seamless syncing of employee data, as well as expenses and time-off.

Clients thank Playroll for helping them realise expansion goals

Our dedicated consultant availed himself outside of working hours and even on weekends to ensure that deadlines were met, and service standards were exceeded. This round-the-clock access is particularly valuable and important when dealing with international clients in multiple time zones. Playroll has truly acted as a partner to our agency, our candidates, and our clients.

Shari Moskovitz
Director @ Milford Blake


Milford Blake had a limited breadth of markets they could source talent from before partnering with Playroll, due to compliance and entity restrictions. By partnering with Playroll, they were able to offer their clients one easy solution to employ people in any country legally and compliantly through Employer of Record (EOR) services at a fraction of the retail cost. With Playroll, Milford Blake was able to give their clients an easier way to expand, while also getting new recruits up and running much faster than the traditional route of establishing a presence in new countries. Playroll not only manages multi-currency payroll, but also provides competitive benefit offerings for priority hires in new markets through an intuitive platform.

"Thanks to Playroll, our clients get to hire local talent in any country where they want to expand long before they set up the entity there. Effectively, this gives them a head start. In terms of service, Playroll’s customer success team is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. Our candidates-turned-employees have found the platform to be as user-friendly and efficient as our clients have reported. This brings great confidence to us knowing that the solution that we’re introducing our candidates and clients to is well-received and of value to both parties," noted Moskovitz.

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