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Contractor management tools for productive engagements with independent contractors: custom contract creation, swift onboarding and hassle-free payment, month to month.

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Global Businesses Choose Playroll For Their Global Employment Needs

Hire based on talent, not location.

Simplified Global Contractor Management

Unlock the potential of hiring skilled international contractors with Playroll, eliminating complex HR challenges. Streamline your contractor management with:

Compliant hiring across 180+ countries.
Swift creation and customisation of contractor agreements.
Timely and flexible payments in preferred currencies.
Direct platform uploads for seamless approval of timesheets and invoices.
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Why Choose Playroll's Contractor Management Solution?

Experience unmatched service and global coverage, ensuring transparency and seamless management for your international team.

Unified Platform for All Contractors

Simplify your finance team's workload by grouping contractor invoices for swift, one-click payments.

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20 Years of Established Expertise

With two decades' infrastructure development and workforce management for VAT IT Group, we bring a seasoned perspective

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Human-Centric Support

No clueless chatbots here – when challenges arise, receive expert advice from real humans who understand your needs.

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Seamless Contractor Management Process

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Secure Data Migration and Integration

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Contractor Management FAQs

What defines a global contractor?

Global contractors, distinct from employees, offer crucial expertise globally. They operate on a project or fixed-term basis, granting businesses flexibility to address skill gaps or short-term priorities. Unlike employees, they typically don't qualify for benefits, necessitating caution to avoid misclassification risks.

What are the costs associated with contractor management?

Playroll's global employment platform charges $35 USD/month per contractor. Transparency is our commitment, and there are no hidden fees.

Explore our pricing page to discover the surprisingly affordable path to expanding your global team.

How does Playroll ensure compliance across various countries?

We collaborate with experts in each country to integrate current legal frameworks, aligning your contractor hiring process with international and local laws. This meticulous approach ensures compliance with diverse regulations and employment standards.

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