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Increase your scale, not your operating costs, with Playroll’s Global Employer of Record Services. Our modern platform enables you to hire talent in 180+ countries, without local entities.

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Leading Global Businesses Choose Playroll For Their Global Employment Needs

Hire Based On Talent, Not Location

The Employer of Record Solution Built For Distributed Teams

Scale the way you work with your global workforce. Playroll offers enterprise-level support and security for businesses of all sizes. Get rid of the financial, admin and legal headaches of working with distributed talent, contractors and multi-currency payroll with one compliant platform supporting 180+ countries.

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Reduce onboarding time to minutes.
Dedicated human service for human problems, guaranteed. Not bots.
Multi-currency payroll, localised benefits, automated compliant contracts and more.
Pay global team members on time.
Local, legal, tax and accounting expertise at your finger tips.

Why Choose Playroll’s Employer of Record Services

Discover the Playroll advantage – a unique solution for unleashing the potential of your international workforce while safeguarding your business with compliant and responsive EOR services.

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Transparent Pricing

Enjoy fair, fixed fees with Playroll, starting from $35 per month for contractors and $399 for full-time employee, eliminating hidden costs whether managing one or a hundred staff.

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Global presence, local support

Access talent in 180+ countries while benefiting from Playroll's local support; on-the-ground teams ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes.

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All-in-One Management

Simplify global talent management with Playroll's consolidated platform, managing centralised time-off requests, contract changes, allowances, offboarding, and more.

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Robust Security Standards

Trust Playroll's purpose-built, secure platform adhering to the highest data security standards for safeguarding your account, visual dashboards, and workforce management tools.

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Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Leverage Playroll's Partner ecosystem for top-tier services, covering relocation, onboarding, culture-building, and global employment benefits for your local workforce.

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Personalised Customer Support

Partner with a dedicated Playroll Customer Success manager from day one, ensuring proactive updates and access to specialist local legal teams for thorough due diligence.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive Support for Every Team

For Finance Teams

Fuel your financial success with Playroll, the solution designed to empower finance teams by simplifying global payroll, payment processes, and compliance management.

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For Legal Teams

Navigate legal intricacies seamlessly, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency. Unleash the potential of your workforce as we take care of the complexities, empowering you to focus on your business growth.

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HR and People Teams

From compliance assurance to personalized employee support, our solutions redefine the way HR and Recruitment teams navigate international talent acquisition and retention.

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For Founders

Playroll empowers business founders to streamline operations, attract and retain talent, and navigate global expansion effortlessly.

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Employer of Record FAQs

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service that assumes the employer's responsibilities for hiring, managing payroll, and compliance with local employment laws on behalf of a company. This allows businesses to expand their workforce globally without the administrative burden.

What is the difference between EOR and PEO?

While both EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) manage employer responsibilities, the key difference lies in the degree of control. EOR focuses on legal compliance and payroll, maintaining the client's operational control, while PEO involves a shared employer relationship, where both the client and PEO share certain employment responsibilities.

Learn more about the differences between an EOR and a PEO in our helpful blog.

How much does an EOR cost?

The cost of an EOR service varies based on factors such as the number of employees, locations, and additional services required. Playroll offers transparent pricing with fair, fixed fees, starting from $399 per full-time employee. This ensures simplicity and predictability in your global workforce management expenses.

View our pricing page to learn more.

What are the responsibilities of an EOR?

The responsibilities of an EOR encompass tasks like payroll administration, tax compliance, benefits management, and adherence to local employment laws. Essentially, the EOR acts as the legal employer, handling administrative functions to allow the client to focus on their core business while ensuring compliance and streamlined global workforce management.

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