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Streamline your global team management with Playroll—a comprehensive platform offering essential HR and payroll tools and guidance. Simplify hiring processes and eliminate management barriers, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core strengths and operations.

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Our Vision

Built to accelerate a borderless economy enabling your people to thrive.  

"The secret to building a successful business is this: empower talent who want to change the world, wherever they are."

Brendon Silver, Co-Founder & CEO

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Our Mission

Owning the complexities of a global workforce from one single platform. We remove the barriers for Employees and Employers alike, to unlock a world of opportunities.

Our values

The Values That Make Up Our DNA

Better Than Yesterday

We thrive on challenges, rethink the ordinary, and commit to ongoing progress. Our mission is daily advancement, with a clear roadmap for continuous improvement beyond.

Impact Over Input

Every role we play is coded with a commitment to impactful outcomes. Beyond responsibility for actions, each of us shapes results that define our business.

One Playground

Our shared Playground is the global hub where we create, innovate, and triumph collectively. As a unified global team, we transcend boundaries to reach a common vision.

Obsession For Excellence

Excellence is not given; it's earned. Our  commitment drives us to achieve the extraordinary. Setting sky-high standards, we deliver with precision, expertise, and unparalleled service quality.

Our Product

Playroll, The Global HR Platform

With Playroll, companies can access the best talent, in every corner of the world. We have over two decades of HR and Compliance experience to support your team in building your distributed workforce. Now you can hire anyone, anywhere, compliantly.

Swift Onboarding

Efficiently integrate your team in minutes with contracts and essential resources.

Fee-Free Payroll

Pay your team effortlessly in just a few clicks, without unnecessary fees.

Global HR Simplified

Streamline HR for your entire team with our global-first platform, catering to the needs of workers worldwide.

Compliance Confidence

Navigate local laws effortlessly with our platform, ensuring global compliance and cost reduction.

Global Businesses Choose Playroll For Their Global Employment Needs

Scale the way you work, with Playroll.

Let's grow your distributed workforce, today.