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Choose Playroll for a transformative EOR experience – fair pricing, industry-leading platform, comprehensive solutions, and unwavering support for both clients and their global workforce.

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The Playroll Advantage

Our expertise and personalised solutions ensure a streamlined transition. Elevate your business with our commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction.

Expertise in EOR Services

Our seasoned team ensures a seamless migration for your workforce with specialised employer-of-record services. Benefit from over 20 years of industry experience and personalised human advice.

Industry-Leading Platform

Playroll boasts an industry-leading platform designed for seamless global operations. Your data and payroll management tools are securely housed on a foundation that adheres to encompassing data security standards.

Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions

Elevate your business with Playroll's tailored EOR solutions covering compliance, payroll, global talent recruitment, admin-free work visas, transparent background checks, equipment support, and employee engagement tools. A holistic approach to meet all your business needs.

Dedicated Support and Communication

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager as your single point of contact from day one. Our support extends beyond the client to your employees, ensuring accurate and timely payments, comprehensive benefits, and hassle-free onboarding.
How it works

Seamless Transition to Superior EOR Solutions

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Start by scheduling a demo with our experts to explore Playroll's EOR solutions tailored to your needs.

Consultation and Analysis

Engage in a detailed consultation to analyse your requirements, allowing us to craft a customised migration plan.

Streamlined Documentation

We handle paperwork efficiently, ensuring a smooth and compliant transition to Playroll.

Secure Data Migration and Integration

Our team securely migrates your employee data, seamlessly integrating it into our systems.

24/7 Transition Support

Benefit from dedicated support throughout the migration, with clear communication and prompt issue resolution.

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