The Playroll platform

EOR Platform and Features

Playroll's global payroll management system, powered by the innovative EOR platform, facilitates multinational payroll management at the click of a button.

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Playroll EOR Platform
How it works

Playroll EOR Platform and Features

Create your free account, log in and start planning your hire, land and expand costs and tactics. We won’t bill you until you make your first hire.

Free Account Setup & Planning

Begin your journey by creating an account, logging in, and seamlessly planning your global workforce expansion using our innovative EOR platform.

Streamlined Two-Step Onboarding

Ensure quick onboarding with locally-compliant work contracts created within minutes.

Access Comprehensive Global Employment Tools

Leverage Playroll's Country Guides for reliable country-specific insights and utilize the Cost Calculator to instantly compute worldwide employment costs, encompassing taxes, contributions, and the Playroll flat fee.

Secure Digital Work-Contract Signing

Provide employees with a secure and transparent digital signing experience, ensuring full visibility into employment details.

Effortless Monitoring & Management

Oversee payroll runs, approve expenses or leave requests, green-light commissions and bonuses, and manage pay adjustments seamlessly.

24/7 Personalized Support

Enjoy the advantage of dedicated support, featuring transparent communication and prompt issue resolution to enhance your overall experience.
Cost Calculator Platform
Cost Calculator
The Playroll platform

Manage The Talent Lifecycle From a Single Platform

Forget manual HR tasks, endless paperwork, and data errors. Playroll consolidates all your global talent management needs so you can manage time-off requests, contract changes, allowances, offboarding, and more—all in one place.

Scale the way you work, with Playroll.

Let's grow your distributed workforce, today.