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Navigate legal intricacies seamlessly, ensuring compliance, security, and efficiency. Unleash the potential of your workforce as we take care of the complexities, empowering you to focus on your business growth.

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Revolutionising Compliance Excellence

Embark on a journey with Playroll, where compliance takes centre stage, offering dedicated legal support, and providing expert guidance on visa support. Simplify legal complexities and elevate your global workforce management.

Employer of Record

Playroll serves as the Employer of Record, assuming legal and compliance responsibility for global hires. This encompasses preparation of compliant employment contracts, payroll, as well as employer and employee taxes and benefits.

Dedicated Legal Guidance

Leverage our in-house legal teams globally for expert guidance on your entire workforce. We provide unparalleled support to ensure compliance with evolving employment laws, payroll regulations, and termination protocols.

Visa Support

Seamlessly navigate global workforce movement complexities with Playroll's global network expertise, providing valuable insights into visa prerequisites, and work permits. This streamlines the process for our clients, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Legal & Compliance Efficiency

As your EOR partner, Playroll ensures legal efficiency and compliance expertise globally. We minimise risks, maintain transparency, and navigate country-specific laws, providing a reliable solution across 180+ countries.

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