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Playroll empowers business founders to streamline operations, attract and retain talent, and navigate global expansion effortlessly.

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Unleash Global Growth Potential

Empower your business expansion with Playroll's unique strengths. Break down borders for global talent acquisition, backed by our 24/7 support and robust data security assurance.

24/7 Support

Playroll's dedicated experts provides round-the-clock support to founders, offering assistance with recognition bonuses, promotions, disciplinary procedures, and addressing employment challenges. This invaluable support streamlines your day-to-day operations reliable guidance.

Data Security Assurance

Playroll prioritises data security and privacy, complying with the strictest international standards. Our platform employs advanced security measures, including restricted access, firewalls, vulnerability audits, GDPR and SOC 2 compliance, and optional two-factor authentication (2FA) for users.

Global Talent, No Borders

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of international employment, efficiently manage payments and benefits, ensure strict compliance with international labour laws, and empower hyper-growth startups with the tools they need to scale both rapidly and sustainably.

Cost-Efficient Global Expansion

Opt for Playroll's cost-effective international hiring, starting at US$399 per full-time employee per month. Enjoy swift onboarding, 24/7 support, and reduced costs, making Playroll the smart choice for your global expansion endeavors.

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