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Expand your talent pool across 180+ countries with Playroll’s Global Talent Finder, and find top recruits who can help take your business to new heights.

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Global Talent Finder connects you with a global network of vetted Playroll Talent Partners, enabling you to source the best candidate for your business.


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Our team will match you with the perfect talent partner tailored to your requirements.


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Interview pre-screened candidates, then hire, pay, and manage them with Playroll.

Hire based on talent, not location.

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Choose Playroll for the unparalleled global employment solution, combining compliant, automated hiring with profound local expertise. More than a platform, we're your trusted partner committed to facilitating your success in the realm of global employment.

Hire and pay compliantly in 180+ countries.
Create 100% legal-reviewed compliant agreements.
Streamline onboarding in hours.
Pay global team members on time.
Attract top talent with competitive benefits.
Access 24/7 expert support with under 2-hour response time.
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